Dental implants


We promise premium products and services

Optimal osseointegration is always our aim when manufacturing dental implants. This is the basis and prerequisite for long-lasting, stable bone anchorage of an implant.

We offer a range of options for delivering premium-quality dental prostheses without compromising on aesthetics. From standardised titanium to zirconia implants – we have all the products you could possibly need.

When it comes to the external geometry of an implant in particular, we take a variety of factors into consideration. In addition to tapered implants, we also offer cylindrical designs – in each case with variable implant neck configurations.
Despite the different external dimensions, our own-brand EasyLine products have identical connecting units. Platform switching is also possible. With the aid of these structures, we are able to offer a broad portfolio accompanied by a refined range of prosthetic elements.

Minimally invasive, transgingival treatments, on the other hand, can be achieved with a broader range of implants by the name of Easy Cut.

All the implant systems produced by General Implants are essentially two-part solutions.

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Optimal implant surfaces – achieved with a validated double radiation process

Surface structure


[toggle title=”Prosthetics”]

A logical range of prosthetic solutions for all indications that combines standardised internal connections and a choice of different external implant geometries.



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Different systems facilitate almost any type of procedure for full-mouth reconstruction. Whether ready-made connector systems or fixed dentures – the choice is yours.


[toggle title=”Instruments”]

All our surgical instruments are designed to suit the Easy implant system. A customised drill-stop set is an additional option for use with our surgical drills.



[toggle title=”Surgical sets”]

Our surgical sets include all the necessary instruments for preparation of the implant bed and implantation. Colour-coding throughout facilitates selection and handling.
Surgical sets


[toggle title=”Easy CAM”]
By using individual abutments, the treatment options are almost limitless. The choice of material is yours: from titanium through plastic to zirconia.
Easy CAM


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Computer-guided surgery offers users simple, sophisticated and safe procedures for implant bed preparation and implantation.
Guided surgery